Michael Warren

This site represents some selected works of mine. In addition, it will serve as my blog covering topics that interest me.



Screenshots of the mobile application, Vueit.


PEF/PfISD Alumni Award Wall

Award Wall for Pflugerville ISD Honored Alumni


1957 Chevy Truck

My 1957 Chevy Truck. I started with a Photoshop mockup to guide my decisions through the build. It’s still a work in progress.


A Passion For Design and Marketing Drives Me

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I post on design, UI and marketing somewhat irregularly. You are allowed to follow up to 2000 twitter accounts. If you choose to use one of those spots to follow me, that would be cool.

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I tend to blog about design, UI, technology, and marketing. If you find that sort of stuff interesting, feel free to take a look around.


Seriously, you are interested in the stuff I pin on Pinterest? Seems kinda like an invasion of privacy. LOL. Privacy. I know. Funny concept nowadays. Fine. Go ahead and look, nosey.


I’m a bit of a car freak. On my Flickr page I have my custom 1957 Chevy Truck that I am building. Including a Photoshop mockup that I made to guide me through the build. Oh and you will find some of my photo manipulations of vehicles I transformed into characters from Pixar movie Cars.

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Contact me if you have an interesting product, service or company where I can make a significant contribution.